Unless you guys are willing to contribute this project is discontinued due to high cost of encoding server.. I wanted to make it work and really did put an effort into it but there is no income to help me keep paying server bills 🙁 please comment here if you want to help ….

Guys I don’t want to put annoying ads on the site but everything comes with a cost so is these C0OL encodes, I do pay to get such a site up, I do pay to encode for you such quality files… I am not saying that you must pay to get my encodes they are still free to access and will always be.

I just need your help and it is optional not mandatory! but it comes with perks 🙂

  • Premium support, and priority in requests.
  • You get to choose your favorite filehost/torrent and even downloading option.
  • VIP account rank!
  • Many more C0OL features just ask 😉

You can help me by:

1-Direct donations:

-Via BitCoin :
-Via PayPal :  please contact us or comment below we’ll hit you back.
-Via WebMoney :
-Via other payment methods : please contact us or comment below we’ll hit you back.

2-Buying premium accounts through our links:

Purchasing a premium filehost account can get you high download speeds + resume support + unlimited features as you may know, in order for us to get a commission trough your purchase:*The link you gonna buy through must be ours from our site and our own upload.
*The file link must be live and not deleted or dead.
*If you already have an account and planning to renew through links please don’t and purchase a new premium instead so we can get your donation.

3-The least you can do is to enter this link and solve the captcha.

4-Share my site and encodes with your friends that is both easy and free!

In order to get your VIP status please contact us or comment below we’ll mail you back for proof and all will be good remember you help us grow bigger and C0OLER guys!